Exhibition British Giants
Continental Giant Standard and Colours

Below is the Best of Breed from London Championship Show 2001 Judged by S A Dooley from an entry of 28 British Giants, in October. Red-Eyed-White Doe "Marldon's Whisper" Ring No. 01-H-00646 owned and bred by Mrs Jane Stoneman. Weighing in at 20lbs 20zs.

Below is a picture of the Best of Breed at Bradford Championship Show held in January 2002 from an entry of 25 British Giants. Judged by Mr Albert Aldred. "Milton's Golden Girl" is a 11 month old Doe owned and Bred by Mrs S A Dooley. Ring No. 01-H-00006. She was weighed in at the show at 25 lbs. Pictured below at 6 months old at Kent County Show 2001.

The rabbit below is 02-H-00003. Milton's Amber (one of the four Aces) a Brown-Grey 8 week old Doe. Winner of Best Normal Fur. Medway Towns show held on the 14th April 2002. Held at Medway Towns Fanciers under Arthur Gooda.

The first British Giant Stock Show of the year has been held have Essex Championship Show on the 21st April 2002. Under Judge Dereck Medlock.

Best In Show - Best Dark Steel Milton's Timelord Ad Buck owned by S A Dooley

Best Red-Eyed-White - Adult Buck owned by Oak Stud

Best Brown-Grey and Best Juvenile Under 5 month Doe owned by C Morgan

Best Black - Adult Black Buck Milton's Wallace owned by S A Dooley

WELL DONE!! To all the winners.

Milton's Timelord - BEST IN SHOW - NBGRC AA Stock Show 21/4/02.

Southern Championship 4 Star Show held on the 5th May 2002. Judged by Mr Willie Schlegal. Best of Breed Steel Buck 01-H-00020 Milton's Timelord.

Knebworth County Park Show held on 6th May 2002. Best of Breed, Best Fur and R/Up Best In Show Steel Buck 01-H-00020 Milton's Timelord.

Milton's Amber. Brown-Grey British Giant Doe. Best-In-Show South of England Agricultural Show (6/7/8 June 2002)

The second British Giant Stock Show of the year has been held at Kings Lynn show on the 29th June 2002. Under Judge Chass Petts. (Under five months Stock Show)

Best In Show under 5 moths Stock Show. ******Milton's Ace of Hearts 02-H-00004. Dark Steel Doe. Shown and bred by Mrs S A Dooley

Best Brown-Grey: Milton's Commander 02-H-00005. Shown and bred by Mrs S A Dooley

Best Steel: Milton's Ace of Hearts 02-H-0004. Shown and bred by Mrs S A Dooley

Best REW: Marldon's Williby 02-H-01210. Shown by Mrs S A Dooley and bred by Mrs J Stoneman.

Best In Show Adult Support Show. Acle Casablanca Shown and bred by Mrs Donna Banham. Brown-Grey Buck.

Well Done to all winners and supports of the show!!

London 5 Star Championship Show October 2002.

Judge Mrs G Webb-Bailey I was very honoured to be asked to judge the British Giants at this premier show. The last time was in 1995 when I stepped in to judge them in place of my father who was very ill. congradulations to Sue who tabled some fine exhibits, with some good youngsters who will be heard of next year. Stock was of a very high quality although quite a bit of moult which affected the placings. Thanks to my stewards, Lesley, Sue, ricky, Gordon, Stuart and to Eleanor who did a great job on the book.

Brown-Grey British Giant Adult (5) 1st.Mrs S A Dooley 02-H-00003 CC Milton's Amber. Nice colour. Best finish. Good head and type. 2nd. Mrs S A Dooley . Good Shape and colour. moult spoils. 3rd. Miss B Faulkner. Young adult. Nice head and body. Moulty today.

Brown-Grey British Giant u/5 mths (3). 1st. Mrs S A Dooley Milton's Tyson 2. 02-H-00001. Promising youngster. Nice body, colour head and feet. 2nd. Heaslip & Adams. Good colour, body and head. Not the coat and finish of winner. 3rd. Heaslip & Adams. Darker Longer in body. Moulty.

White British Giant Adult 1st Mrs S A Dooley Marldons's Wilaby 02-H-01210 CC. Lovely head and type. Very fit and very clean. Moulty under and top.

British Giant AOC Self u/5 mths (1) 1st. Wayhall Stud 02-H-02280 Blue. Nice colour. Not quite the coat. Needs more time.

Non/Self British Giant Ad (4) 1st. Mrs S A Dooley Milton's Monarch. 02-H-00014 CC Best of Breed. Steel. Good all round. Large, broad body. Good front. Best coat. 2nd Chalice Stud. Steel. Large and broad. Nice coat and colour. shade on finish. 3rd Mrs S A Dooley Steel light in colour. Good body messed up.

Non/Self British Giant u/5 mths (3) 1st. Mrs S A Dooley 02-H-00032 Milton's Mackie. Steel. Lovely baby. Will be heard of again. Large body and good front. Nice colour and coat. 2nd. Mrs S Percival. Nice type and head. Not in coat. 3rd Mrs S Percival. Good body. Not in coat.

British Giant AC Challenge Ad. 1st Mrs S A Dooley, Steel Ad. 2nd Mrs S A Dooley Brown-Grey Ad. 3rd Mrs S A Dooley White Adult.

British Giant AC Challenge u/5 mths. 1st Mrs S A Dooley Steel. 2nd Mrs S A Dooley Brown-Grey. 3rd Heaslip & Adams Brown/Grey.

London Members: 1st Mrs S A Dooley, Steel AD. 2nd Mrs S A Dooley Steel u/5 mths. 3rd Mrs S A Dooley Brown-Grey Ad.

British Giant Grand Challenge AC AA: 1st Mrs S A Dooley, Steel AD. 2nd Mrs S A Dooley Steel u/5 mths. 3rd Mrs S A Dooley Brown-Grey Ad.


Three Star Adult Stock Show. Judge G Coe. Total Exhibits 11. Best In Show Mrs S A Dooley.

G Coe. A pleasure to judge the British Giant ASS. It would have been nice to have had a few more but the quality was very good. The first thing to catch the eye when turning over the exhibits was the clealiness and presentation. These huge rabbits with feet the size of house bricks were extreemely clean on feet and belly. My best was a very good Dark Steel from Sue Dooley. Thanks to my book steward and stewards. Thanks to the London team for a good 2 days.

Steel Ad 4: 1st Mrs S A Dooley 02H00014 CC. Grand type. Best coat condition of all the Giants today. Correct dark steel colour. Little moult on head and sides. Fit, hard condition. Sound under colour adn belly colour. nice presentation. Best In Show. 2nd Chalice Stud. Nice colour and conditon. Lacks a little on coat density. Nice type. 3rd Mrs S A Dooley.

Brown-Grey Buck 2: 1st Mrs S A Dooley 02H00005 CC. Super type, body, head and ears. Big frame and solid condition. dense coat. Good colour. Little moult. Big adn Bold. Very fit and clean. Nice presentation. 2nd Heaslip & Adams. grand type. Bold head adn ears. Broken in coat today.

Brown-Grey Doe 1: 1st Mrs S A Dooley 02H00003. Excellent type doe. Very dense coat of nice tecture. Really big doe, again very fit and clean. Coat still lumpy back end needing to clear. Not quite under colour of buck but little between the first three in challenge.

REW/BEW Ad: Mrs S A Dooley 02H01210 CC. Good type and size. Pity very moulty today. Pure colour. Exceptionally clean, spotless condition. some hard work gone into this.

Grand Challenge AA: 1st Mrs S A Dooley. 2nd Mrs S A Dooley. 3rd Mrs S A Dooley.

Best of Breed Bradford Championship 5 Show 2003 Judged by E Hutching    J & R Stonemans Marldon's Burmese Red-Eyed-White Buck 02-H-01530. Best Brown-Grey Normel Stud's Buck.

Best of Breed Essex Championships 4 Star Show. Miltons Lady Luck a Brown-Grey doe u/5 mths. 02-H-02273.

Best of Breed Supreme Petfoods Southern Championship 4 Star Show 4 May 03. Judge Neil Robertson.

British Giant Self Adult: 1st J & R Stonemans Marldons Burmese 02-H-02050 Super size and type. Very open coated.

British Giant Self u/5: CC Winner 1st S A Dooley's Milton May 03-H-00004 White. nice type. Dense coat . To clear. 2nd J & R Stoneman White another beauty. Just beaten a touch on density. 3rd Sarnia Stud.

British Giant Brown-Grey Ad: CC Winner 1st Sarnia Stud 02-H-00688. Wins Coat and finish. 2nd Sarnia Sud Lovely type in two caots. 3 S A Dooley.

British Giant AOC Ad: 1st Mrs S A Dooley Miltons Monarch 02-H-00014. Big Bold type. Good colour. Open coated through saddle and rump.

British Giant AOC u/5: CC and Best of Breed Winner. 1st Mrs S A Dooley 03-H-00012 Miltons Hagrid. Lovely all round exhibit. Super colour. Finished coat. Best of Breed.

National British Giant Stock Show Pontefract 29 June 03 Judge R Fisher. 1st Show of 2003

BR Grey Doe: 1st J pounder 03H02071. Genuine youngster. Nice coat with right resistance. Sound under. Nice head.

BR Grey Buck: J Pounder 03H00910. Fair coat and colour. Not the head I want on a buck.

Steel B/D: Waggledance Stud 03H00027. Only steel in class. Excels cond and length of body. If only it had a coat, decent front for doe. 2nd Mrs R Percival. Buck nice coat. Good body length and bone, fails colour. 3 Mrs S Percival.

Blue/Black B/D: Mr Pounder 03H00909. Buck. Well shown. Fit. Good coat and front. Like a touch more length. 2nd Normel stud. Not the coat or type of first.

REW/BEW B/D: Normel Stud 03H00704 BIS. Doe  Blue Eyed. Lovely head, sound colour with coat and bone to go will it. Joy to handle. 2nd Mr Pounder Doe not the type or coat of 1st. 3rd Waggledance stud.

Opal B/D: Waggledance Stud 03H00912 Doe, nice front. Good length. Lacks coat and under colour. 2 C Woods Buck giving too much away poor coat.

Kent County Agricultural Show 3 Star Show. 13 July 2003.

Best In Show Sunday: Brown-Grey British Giant Doe. Milton's Lady Luck 02-H-02273. BOB Super type with sound colour. Good head and ears. Shown fit and clean. 2nd D Jenkins Not finish of winner. Fair type. 3 D Jenkins

National British Giant AA Stock Show. Knebworth: Judge G Webb-Bailey: 16th August 2003 (2nd Stock Show of 2003)

Mrs G Webb-Bailey: An honour and pleasure to judge one of my favourite breeds, but disappointed with the entry especially for this special show. The Brown-Grey doe a lovely big exhibit, easy winner. Nice to see Jenny back at the helm and do hope Stuart is feeling better. Come on you Giant breeders get the Giants out and promote this lovely breed. See you all later at the shows.

Brown/Grey Buck u/5 1: Sue Dooley 03-H-00049. Promising baby. Lovely colour. Good head and body.

Brown-Grey Doe Ad 1: Sue Dooley 02-H-02273 Super big Giant Lovely colour, body head and ears. Best In Show.

Steel B/D Ad 1: Waggledance Stud 03-H-00027 Young adult patchy in colour. Nice type, shade narrow on the head.

Steel B/D Ad 1: Waggledance Stud 03-H-01805. Shade light. Needs more time.

REW/BEW Ad 1: Waggledance Stud 02-H2822 REW, Nice type, coat, head and ears. Pity badly stained.

REW/BEW Ad u/5: Waggledance Stud 03-H-09069 REW nice body and head.

Opal B/D Ad 1: Waggledance Stud 03-H-00912. Very moulty. Fair colour, body and head.

Grand Challenge AA (Best In Show) 9: 1st Sue Dooley 1st Ad B/Grey Ad, 2nd Sue Dooley 1st B/Grey u/5, 3rd Waggledance Stud 1st Ad Steel.

National British Giant Adult Stock Show. Judged by John Hodgkiss. 29th November 2003 held at Lincolnshire Championship Show. The 3rd Stock Show

Brown/Grey Buck Ad  2: 1st Sue Dooley 03-H-02737 Milto'ns Trojan. 2nd Normel Stud.

Brown/Grey Doe Ad  2 CC Winner: 1st Normel Stud. 2nd

Steel Buck/Doe Ad 6 CC Winner: 1st Sue Dooley 03-H-00045 Milton's Stainless Steel Stan. 2nd Normel Stud. 3rd

REW/BEW Ad 2 CC Winner: 1st Sue Dooley 03-H-00054 Milton's Dazzle 2nd

Grand Challenge AA (Best In Show) 14: 1st Sue Dooley 1st Ad Steel, 2nd Normel Stud 2nd Steel Ad, 3rd Normel Stud 1st Brown-Grey Ad Doe.

London 5 Star Championship Show October 2003

Held at Luton on 31st October & 1st november 2003 - Judge J Drury Total Exhibits 5

Best In Section Mrs S Percival. Many thanks to the NBGRA for allowing me to judge, a pity about several exhibits absent. Moult was a big problem. Perhaps some will read the breed standard and most important please check the rings. I withheld one CC due to the ring being too tight, I couldn't turn it. Thanks to Jim & Jenny everything in apple pie order and thanks to the stewards and Petra for a wonderful job as book steward.

BR GREY AD 2: 1st Dumpling Stud 03-H-00864. Very light in colour needs a moult.

WHITE AD 1: 1st Dumpling Stud 03-H-00871. Didn't comply with the breed standard. CC witheld. Ring too tight.

AOC Non SELF AD 3: 1st Mrs S Percival 03-H-01150. A good British Giant. Just needs a little longer to come through moult. colour could be a bit darker. 2nd Mrs S Percival. Nice rabbit but very moulty. 3rd Mrs S Percival Moult spoils.

AC Buck or Doe Ad 6: 1st Mrs S Percival. 2nd Dumpling Stud. 3rd Mrs S Percival.

LINCS 4 STAR CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. Held on 29th November 2003 Judge C Punchard

British Giant White 4: 1st Bajan Stud 03-H-00638. good dense coat. Would like to see better type. 2nd Dumpling Stud Not the coat of winner. 3rd S A Dooley.

British Giant Brown-Grey 7: 1st S A Dooley 03-H-02737 Excelled type. True correct colour. 2nd Normel Stud, not type of winner. 3rd Normel Stud

British Giant Steel 6: 1st S A Dooley Miltons Stainless Steel Stan 03-H-00045. Good colour and type. 2nd Normel Stud, not type of winner. 3rd Mrs S Percival.

British Giant Opal 1: 1st Dumpling Stud 02-H-01754 Only fair.

NATIONAL BRITISH GIANT ASS Held at Linc Championship Show

Judge J Hodgkiss. Best In Show Mrs S A Dooley's Steel Buck

A priviledge to judge another British Giant Stock Show, although rabbits and fanciers were a little thin on the ground compared with previous years. Some nice, if not outstanding adults on view, although I feel that the Brown-Grey and Steels are being interbred to the detriment of both colours. Although not allowed to compete with the adults today, the best of the youngsters today would have given the winner a very good run for its money. If it makes the weight as an adult, it would be one which Kirty would have been proud of.

White Buck or Doe 2: 1st Mrs S A Dooley 03-H-00054 CC. Nice shape, if not the ultimate in size, Ears out of proportion. Good colour and quite a nice coat. Just a bit to finish. 2nd R Gutteridge. Good colour and coat, but narrow in body.

Brown-Grey Buck 3: 1st Mrs S A Dooley 03-H-03727. no problem with size, just a little to course in coat and bone structure. Bit too dark in colour, but ideal stud buck. 2nd Normel Stud, better colour and good coat, but narrow in body. 3rd Normel Stud

Brown-Grey Doe 3: Normel Stud 03-H-00705 Wins on type and size. Good coat, but very dark in colour.

Steel Buck or Doe 6: Mrs S A Dooley CC Best In Show. Very good size. Just a little Continental in type but not too much so. A little to finish coat, but very dense. Good colour. 2nd Normel Stud Just beaten coat and colour. 3rd Waggledance Stud.

Grand Challenge 20: 1st Mrs S A Dooley, Steel. 2nd Normel Stud, Steel. 3rd Normel Stud B-Grey.

Bradford Championship Show 2004. Judged By: M Wards

Best Brown-Grey Normel Stud

Best Self & Best of Breed Devcorn Stud

Best Non-Self Mrs S A Dooley & Best Best In Show Ladies Exhibit